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Discovery Cube Orange County Brings the Broadway Lights to Santa Ana with Winter Lights

The following is a press release from an organization unaffiliated with Culture OC. The information provided has been written by the submitting organization and not by the writers at Culture OC. We include this on our site in the spirit of sharing information about the arts and culture community in Orange County.

Discovery Cube Orange County, Southern California's leading children's science museum, is pleased to welcome back the holiday musical spectacular, Winter Lights: A Journey Home, as part of their Holidays at the Cube winter event. Created by Discovery Cube in partnership with the Tony Award-winning production team, Apples and Oranges Studios, the musical invites families back for a second year to be immersed in a winter wonderland filled with Snow, Auroras and the holiday spirit!

This year’s show opens on Friday, Dec. 15 and invites the whole family on a journey through the eyes of a tenacious young girl, Lumina, who wants to make the world a better place. Set against the backdrop of the Aurora Borealis, the show brings to life unique characters including a science fairy, a lovable robot crafted from a toaster, and a sibling duo that take you through this magical winter wonderland. Families are invited to choose from three shows daily on select dates until the show closes on Sunday, Jan.7.

"Winter Lights offers a unique blend of science and art that perfectly aligns with Discovery Cube's mission to inspire and educate,” said Tony Award Winning and Broadway Actress Pamela Winslow Kashani, Co-Founder of Apples and Oranges Studios. “Our visually stunning musical entertains and ignites curiosity about the wonders of science. Where else can families enjoy a Broadway-caliber show that also deepens their appreciation for science and our future?"

In addition to the wonderous show spectacular, Winter Lights guests will be invited to a special winter-themed wonderland festival celebrating the science of the season, where visitors can interact with moments from the show, such as Lumina’s workshop! The Cube comes alive with interactive light displays that showcase the physics of illumination and the science behind the mesmerizing colors. Winter Lights not only celebrates the beauty of the season but also educates visitors on the science that makes it all possible.

About Winter Lights: A Journey Home

Starring 17-year-old high school student, Lumina, Winter Lights: A Journey Home takes holiday audiences through a wondrous journey beginning the night before a big science fair. Lumina works feverishly in her makeshift Santa Ana garage lab amidst the storage bins and holiday garland to try and win first place to gain a life changing college scholarship, but all attempts fail.

Lumina, determined as ever, won't be defeated. Through a bit of magic and holiday spirit, a fantastical science fairy appears and takes Lumina, her younger sibling, and her adorable robot friend on a wild journey through magical lands where she realizes the importance of the scientific process, the challenges of failure and the hope and inspiration to try again and reach her dreams.

Tickets for Winter Lights: A Journey Home, which includes admittance to the show and festival, are now on sale and available for purchase here. Prices start at $14 per person; from Dec. 15 – Jan. 7 there are three shows available daily at 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., except for Christmas Day (closed).

For more information, visit Discovery Cube and Winter Lights: A Journey Home.


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